Are phone chargers AC or DC?

Phone batteries are charged at DC only

Batteries of mobile phones are charged DC (Direct Current) only. Because AC (alternating current) comes out of your plug sockets a phone charger converts AC into DC which is then used to charge your phone.

This may sound simple but isn’t quite so straightforward because phone chargers do more than just convert from AC to DC; they also regulate the voltage to ensure a steady supply of power for your device.

DC Chargers

A DC (direct current) charger is an electrical device that converts alternating current (AC) power into direct current (DC). This is achieved by using a transformer to step down the voltage of the AC supply so that it can be used safely with batteries.

A DC charger converts AC from an outlet into direct current. This process allows you to charge your battery without having to worry about whether or not you have access to 220-volt electricity. Most chargers allow you to charge your devices while they are plugged in and on standby mode. This means they will be fully charged when needed later on during the day or evening time.

Conclusion: You now know if phone chargers are AC or DC

Well, I hope we’ve helped sort out the confusion around whether phone chargers are AC or DC. However we would always recommend that you double check what type of phone charger is compatible with your device. If it has a label on it, then that’s easy! If not, you can always google the part number off of your device (or ask someone who does).

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